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New game mode: GeoGuessr + WikiRace crossover

In my opinion the learning element of GeoGuessr could be further improved if there were a game mode integrated with Wikipedia.

My crude idea is a game mode that is essentially a crossover between GeoGuessr and the popular game called WikiRace. I think there is an opportunity to integrate with Wikipedia as many articles have longitude / latitude data.

The objective of the game would be to get from point A to point B in a map with the ability to speed travel using Wikipedia articles.

The game would start as a classic GeoGuessr game, but with a given destination that the player needs to reach.

In the first phase of the game, the player needs to guess their location with a given accuracy.

If the guess is successful, all Wikipedia articles within a given radius from the guessed location appear on the map.

At this point, the player can either "walk" to the given destination or open one of the Wikipedia articles shown on the map and use the links in the articles to navigate to other articles. Articles that have longitude / latitude data could be used to speed travel to another location.

After the speed travel the player can again either "walk" or pick another article in the given radius at their new location. (Also, speed travel could have some level or "randomness", so players would have to guess their location again after speed travel.)

The game ends if the player reaches the destination given in the beginning.

Thank you for you consideration, as I said this is just a crude idea of mine, but I hope it gives you some food for thought when creating new game modes.



  • Thanks for the suggestion! It would be a fun thing to have, especially since it will be a more zen-mode perhaps where you will need to explore and learn more. Could be something for Classic in the future.

    I have added it to the feedback-sheet! 😀

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