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new game harder or...?

Hi, loved playng Geoguessr last year but have just come back to it and am looking at the new version for the first time. It seems that on the first screen of each set there are no movement arrows so I am stuck in the one place and have to guess from there. Is this a deliberate change to make the game harder, or is it a bug? My OS is Linux.

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  • Hi David! Great to hear that you like the game. Regarding your troubles with lack of navigation, this is not intentional nor have the basic game mechanic been changed.

    There are specific panorama-locations in the game, which you cannot move in or out of. They should be rather rare, but there are ongoing discussions on this forum in which some players feel that they occur too often. Perhaps you ended up on one of them?


  • The same thing happened three times in a row, and only on the first location out of every five, so I don't think it could be by chance. There is no problem when I use a Windows computer. Could it be some bug related to Linux?

  • Hi again. Hmm, it's likely not due to your OS because all the data is coming from Next time it happens, please play through the game and copy and post the challenge URL in here (its placed under the map on the final result view). That will help us have a closer look on that particular game.



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