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"New" countries added to Street View

I am a regular player of Geoguessr, nearly 2k games played since the tracking began, and I've been wondering about the updates of Geoguessr. The last major country that was added to the game was Turkey (or the Philppines) as it seems. And that was a very long time ago.
You'd expect to see countries like Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Montenegro, Puerto Rico (not even in the US challenge, same goes for the Virgin Islands!), Ghana, Sengal, Guatemala, Malta and Nigeria at least once given it's coverage. Also the newly added South Korean locations are missing out completely.
Please update your coverage! Or at least change the source code to something like "whenever there's an Street View Update, then add it to the game". Because it gets old when the newest countries that show up are Colombia, Turkey, The Philippines or Cambodia...
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  • Hi Nightey

    Thanks for the feedback! GeoGuessr actually already works the way you describe and picks up new countries as they are added to Google Streetview. How long this takes varies though (and depends on country size among others). There is also the problem with smaller countries showing up much more seldom in games (largely because of their smaller size) which most likely is why you haven't seen these in the games yet. However, you can try to play a map which focuses on some certain area/country, or create one if no such map exists!


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