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New button - Return to last position

I think it would be great to have a button that will return you to your last position. Kind of like the button that enables you to return to the start position but this button will only make you go back to your last position.

It would be a great use for example when you are going along a highway or bridge and then accidentally happen to get moved to a street that is under the highway/bridge. Sometimes you are also teleported a long distance when you click on the "side" of the road and you can't click to get back to where you were.
In these scenarios it would be great if you were able to go back to the previous location.

I think it only needs to save the last position, not the whole movement history so if you press the button you will get moved back to the previous position but you can't press the button again until you move using the normal arrows/mouse cursor etc.

Now that I think about it I think it would also work if you press the "Return to start" button. So if you have moved around 10 minutes away from the starting location and want to check something at the start position you can do that by clicking on "Return to start"-button but when you are finished checking it out you can then click on the "Return to previous location" button to return to the position you were before you clicked on "Return to start". That way you do not have to spend another 10 minutes trying to get to were you where before.
But if you move around after you returned to start you would of course not be able to return to the previous location since the saved previous location will update every time you move (it should only update when moving, not when panning or zooming).

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