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New BR matchmaking system - feedback

I'd like to start by saying I love the game. Below are just few points that make the game a bit problematic sometimes.

The new matchmaking system for BR/Duels is imho worse than the previous one. I know the previous one was not perfect as one could get almost everyone as an opponent which sometimes made the games incredibly easy or hard. The point is that on average, it was fair.

The new division-based system is almost never fair. Those who are on the lower end of each division will almost always play against better players and those on the higher end will always have easier games.

I am oscillating between gold and silver since this system was introduced even though I started on some ~720 points in gold with slow but steady grow up until that point.

I propose a system where the opponents are picked from player_rank +- some_range pool. This range could get bigger with time if not enough players are initially found. I am willing to wait more time if it means I will get on average a fair game. I understand that this is a simplistic view of the problem, which cannot be just developed "as is".

Until some better solution is known/implemented, I vote to use the previous system.

Again, love the game otherwise and thank you all for always improving it.


  • Thanks for the detailed feedback Martin! I have sent it off to the team who are working with the matchmaking 🙂

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