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Needs more Randomness

I love this game, but it seems I have had many rounds that were almost entirely in the same part of the world, there needs to be a little more randomness I think, when you guess finland and are right you expect not to do the same the next round, or the round after that for that matter. Lovely game though.

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  • Hey Devin. We're constantly tweaking our algorithms behind the selection of locations in order to improve the gaming experience. Please stay tuned for updates in this department.

    Thanks for playing and helping us further improve the game.

  • I have landed at least twice in exactly the same location. I noticed it because it is a road I travel frequently so I was able to hit it exactly on the first time. A few weeks later, playing again a random game, and I was in the exact same spot. Clearly, this is not a product of random placement! There was another time when it seemed that the location was the same or very close, in Western Australia, but since I've never been there, I couldn't be sure it was exactly the same spot.

    Is there a collection of locations that the game chooses from? If so, there need to be a lot more so the illusion of randomness is maintained.

  • The location that I recognized is in Oregon, on North Fork Rd. in Marion County, approximate coordinates 44.80 N, 122.52 W

  • Hey Stewart.

    Thanks for telling us. There are millions of possible locations, i.e. ending up in the exact same spot twice is highly unlikely and indicates some other problem. If it happens again, please post a share link to your game in here. That helps us to find the particular game and figure out what's going wrong.

    Thanks for playing.


  • I have been using the GeoSettr application to create some challenges of my own. Might these be interesting or useful to you? I could post the URL the application produces. Just a thought.

  • Playing a couple of people's challenges and I saw that the two each had the very same location. The first one of this challenge is the second one of this challenge: It is a photoglobe from Yukon, Canada.

  • Hi Stewart. Thanks for the feedback. I'll have a look.


  • Had the same problem on the Japan map. Twice the exact same location within a a couple of games.

    The profile only has one of the two games still in the "previous games" list (is there a way to see my older games?):

    The location in question is the north eastern most pin (near Kushiro).

  • Hi Jonas

    Thank you for the link, we'll look into it! At the moment only the last 10 games are visible in the previous games list, but it's not impossible that we'll increase this limit in the future (or remove the limit completely), what do you think?

    Kind regards,

  • Being able to see my full history would be great (so I can brag more about how amazing I am). Thanks for the fantastic game by the way.

  • And it happened again (this time within 10 games, so I can provide result links for both):

    The pin east of Sapporo in Akaigawa. It's a bit disappointing when this happens because it just removes the challenge (as I can just go to the results page to see the location when I recognize a starting location).

  • Hi again,

    I understand the frustration, sorry about that. We are a little bit surprised by these duplicates. We'll keep tweaking until we get rid of them. Thanks for the feedback!

    Stay tuned for updates.



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