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Need to get in contact with someone at GeoGuesst

Hello everyone,

I work for a small science center in the Netherlands called GeoFort. It is a science center which want to make the Geo world interesting for kids. We want to use GeoGuessr as an exhibit in our center. But to make this work properly we want our own interface like Lufthansa. I've sent several e-mails to Daniel but I don't get any respone. Please tell me how to get in contact?
Marc van der Sluijs


  • Try to contact Anton instead. He's the main guy in the team I believe. Email should be the same with "anton" instead of "daniel" I guess. But it can takes days, weeks, sometime more than a month to have news...
  • Hi Marc,

    Sorry for the late reply.. Have you heard back yet? I'll ping Daniel who's in charge of that area. 


  • Hello Mikael,

    I sent Anton an e-mail and he would contact Daniel but haven't heard of them since. I hope you can contact Daniel properly.

    Kind regards,
    Marc van der Sluijs

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