Navigation has changed

I don't know, if it is a problem genuine with geoguessr, or with the underlying google API. But since a few days navigation has change materially to the worse.

Formerly it was possible to 'jump' - that is to cover a quite long distance with one mouseclick. To cover say 100, 200 meters per click. But this has changed dramatically.

Now each click brings me forward exactly one shot of the streetview-camera. Requires a dozen or more clicks to forward 100, 200 meters. This is not just annoying - this is absolutely cruel. Renders geoguessr nearly completely unplayable. The more annoying on a computer with a not so up-to-date graphic card. There now I can play geoguessr in a postage stamp format...

I won't blame the geoguessr team, since I strongely assume that the problem hails from the google API (as google is currently really hard trying to render google earth unusable too) - but if the situation don't improve soon, I will quit geoguessr. Sadly, since till now I had great fun with that game.


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