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National Museum of African American History & Culture


During one the game plays under the 'famous places' category. I noticed that out of the influential faces of Frederick Douglass, Muhammad Ali, and Jackie Robinson who are all shown without any blur Mrs. Harriet Tubman's' face is blurred almost the entire time.



  • This isn't related to Geoguessr at all. It's from Google Maps itself. This is caused by Google's algorithms to detect faces and blur them for privacy reasons. Sometimes it will catch faces displayed on billboards or advertising and blur them, thinking it's an actual person waling around.

    You can see the Liberty statue in New York will sometimes have its face blurred too, and many statues around the world have similar treatment.
  • Ah, fantastic reply.
    I had no idea, thank you for letting me know.
     I will be taking this down shortly.

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