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My feedback on the competitive game modes as a master division player

I've played a lot of competitive recently and even though the new system is a thousand times better then the rank based one, I think that there are still some balance changes to make.

First of all, I think that the matchmaking in duels is super unfair right now. As a player in the low masters, I'll be paired with people with 1.1k+ rating that will of course beat me. So in the weekend series, I will nearly lose all my matches and lose a ton of rating against top 100 players. But if I were to lose a few games on purpose to get to gold division, I would literally win every single match and get my 100 season points. The possible solutions would either be more strict matchmaking, or/and creating a new division at 1.1k rating (Maybe Champion division?)

Second of all, distance battle is too easy and a rating boost. I'm not trying to flex or anything; sometimes I go up to around 930 rating, and even if I think that I deserve this ranking in country battle (in my best days), I know that any Distance Battle player with 900+ rating would destroy me. But due to the lack of matchmaking in Battle Royale, I literally just have to get the country right to win a game of distance. So if I wanted to, I could boost my rating to like 1000 (or even more) even though I know I can't hold up with any person of this rating. The reason the countries br game mode is more balanced is because of the tools you have (Already guessed countries, 50/50) to help you; people with low rating will use the 50/50 without hesitation in the finals without even looking at the landscape, making it harder for better players to keep up.

In conclusion, I think that the matchmaking is not strict enough in duels and a new division is needed for the elite players. I can't really think of a solution for distance battle, but it is just so unfair that any player that *deserves* 850 rating is able to have as much rating as they want.

Anyways, here is what I thought the possible new division could look like. Whatever happens, I hope the game gets more balanced!

- Alex



  • Thanks for all the feedback!

    In regards to matchmaking we will look into removing it for the Weekend Series games but keep it for the rest.

    Matchmaking in the other modes is something we consider, but always easier to start with a game mode that just has 2 players rather than 10 in a lobby.

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