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My custom/saved maps have disappeared

It's been a while since I've been on Geoguessr, maybe about a year, just got back on and discovered my maps that I made had disappeared. It seemed like my subscription to Pro ran out so I've selected to subscribe to Pro agan but my maps that I had made and saved have all but gone. Whether or not they are still actually on the Geoguessr as playable maps I haven't yet checked but the fact is they aren't available on "My Maps". I was angry and disappointed to say the least as it seems like all that work I put in went to waste. What happened and have I completely lost the saved maps permanently?
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  • Hi Debra,

    Sorry for the super late reply.. Is it possible that you have multiple accounts? We never delete user maps etc so they should definitely be there if you activate your PRO subscription again..

    Sorry again,

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