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My concerns on the update

Hi, I've been a fan of this site for a month but I fear you're going to lose all your clients including me with this update. The free map is awful and one game per day limitation is horrendous. I get that the running costs are high, but you could easily strike an educational deal with some institution or Google. Btw I was still getting the same locations over and over again the last time I checked on most popular maps, black views, friend request problems, so until you solve the issues it all seems rushed to me. Now compared to other games on the market, it's way overpriced and also most people would way rather pay in full than every month, but I'm not trying to put price on your work here so set the price tag as you wish, just a suggestion. The ad revenue should cover running costs and for development cost... I don't see what's going on, except for multiplayer improvements. Maps are mostly community made. I was thinking of joining in the beginning of october with my first steady income and start streaming to my followers but seeing this update I almost changed my mind. If noone can play, then why would they watch a streamer? It's only a matter of time when someone develops a similar app that costs 5 bucks or is free and people will rush to that. Honestly, think this through. If the ads (as they probably are the biggest revenue chunk) don't give you enough money to continue, then nothing will. Donations, ads, community workshop. Maybe I'm wrong as I don't have the statistics but this just seems fishy and bad for business.

Kind regards


  • I agree with everything said. The game still had issues..same locations. Won't change pictures. Black screens.
    We enjoy playing with our homeschool children.
    Why not get more ads?
    Charge one price for the game [5 to 20]?
    Promote better?
    I will not go pro and subscribe to a game. 


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