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My account exist and does not exist at the same time?

I created an account a few weeks ago, I played a few laps with the account and went to sleep.
The next day I could not log in and if I want to reset the password, I get the message that the email was not found.
"No user with this email address could be found! "

So I wanted to create a new account with the same email address. I get no message, I should just log in, but that does not work!

So I tried to write an email to 2 employees. I have not received any answer so far.
So I try my luck here now.

I've always wondered:
"Can an account exist and not exist at the same time?" - Probably yes it can! 😃
Just kidding.^^

Can someone help me?^^


  • Hi Kafei

    That does indeed sound intriguing. Not sure which email addresses you've used to try to reach us but could you please send me an email at with the email that you used for the account and I'll look into it!


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