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Multiplayer max

What is the maximum amount of people a pro account can send a challenge link to for 1 game? Can 1 game have 50 people playing against each other? This is assuming everyone else is a free account.


  • Should be no limit, I've seen challenges with 1,000+ players.
  • Is there a way to timebox the challenge? So users have like 10 minutes from when I start the challenge before I end it?
  • No you can only put a timer for the round duration. Challenges are active forever. Maybe try the league system? They will switch challenges every x minutes / hours (you decide it) so people can only play them during this time.
  • Just to clarify, I want to use this as a challenge for people at work. So lets say we have 5 rounds, each one is 2 minutes. Does this mean that after the (5x2) 10 minutes, the game is over and I can see who has the highest score? I want to be able to reward the person with the highest score.
  • The challenge will never end, there is no expiration date or whatever. But you can create a challenge, give them the link and let them play. When they're all done you can see the leaderboard with the details for each rounds (distances, scores etc). If anyone else find the link in some way and play it, just ignore it.
  • Thank you so much for clarifying 😀
  • Hi Mo,

    As mentioned, a league would solve your question. Then you can set a time limit on the challenge. And you could create a league with just one challenge if you don't want for ex a new challenge every day during a week, then you'll have a leaderboard during the week and a final result when it's done.

    Hope you'll find something that fits you!


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