Multiplayer Issues


I have been issues using challenge links to play against other people at the same time.

I can create a challenge link and send it to my friend and when we both press start it loads us into the same first round as normal. However, when one of us drops the pin and clicks 'guess' the other player is locked from guessing and can not advance the game.

If the player the guesses initially closes the geoguesser tab the other player is able then able to submit their guess but it will display the results and score of the first player that submitted their guess. It seems it does not recognise that two people are playing.

This has been an issue for a few weeks for me now and was working 100% fine previously. Not sure if this issue is known to you; love the game and keep at it!


Sam Owen


  • Hiya!

    That sounds strange. Is it the same issue in another browser or device, or disabling any potential extensions/plugins?

    If so, could you send an email on to with some more information:
    - Device and browser used for both players (along with version of the browser)
    - Link to the games this has happened in along with a link to your account and your friends.


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