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Multiplayer function

I am a teacher and my colleagues and I have been playing this game in breaks for months.
We´ve just started using it in class as well, to let the students get to know the world.
We have been talking about how we miss a multiplayer function where every student in the classroom could be playing the same game/map, like you can in Pass&Play. Each student could «connect» to the same game and explore the same map before answering and it would be like a competition. Like the quiz app Kahoot, where a question comes on the screen and every student gives an answer on his/her own device and the scores show up on the screen.
This would be immense fun in the classroom. 
Would love to hear from the Geoguessr team about this idea.
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  • Hi Asnee

    Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried the challenge mode? This enables a user to create a challenge and then invite other users, either by adding them from their friends list or by sending them a url. All players that are using the same url will then play the same locations and their scores are compared after each round as well on a separate result page after the game is finished.

  • Hi,
    Is there anyway to get more than two maps a day for students in a classroom who are not a "Pro" account?

    Carrie Martin
  • Yes you can give them challenge links and they can play for free. Only one pro account is needed to create challenge links which would be the teacher account.
  • Hi,

    So, I will join, and then, I can create challenges and my entire class can join in on a challenge link? How do I get the links to them; I use Google Classroom, will that work?

    Thank you so much.

    -Carrie Martin
    Carrie Martin
  • Challenge links are just regular links. Example:

    So you can give them like any other website link. You use the challenge button on a map page to make a challenge link (you can configure the timer per round if you want one).

    Students then just need to click the link to start the game. They will need an account, but not pro. The only downside is that they will have ads and wait 10 seconds after the third round but nothing is free so they will have to deal with it.
  • Hi Mapper,
    Thank you so much. I have created three challenges and put the links up on the Google Classroom.
    Carrie Hall Martin
  • hi, I created one pro account to make challenge with my students. but they see the results at the end of the game, and I do not.. so what am ia doing wrong? I only see my own results
  • Hi maaike,

    Hmm, when you create a challenge you get a link, something like

    If you play it yourself you can then substitute "/challenge/" with "/results/" to see the high score.

    does that work for you?

  • Hi!

    Can I create the users for a game if I buy the group option? I want to organize a team building for a team (7 people) but I don't want them to create their own profiles (they are from a client company and I want to give them a hassle free experience)

  • Hi Robert,

    You'll need 7 emails to do that unfortunately..

    If you create 7 email addresses, buy a group subscription and add the addresses to the group ( they'll get an email telling them to set a password. If you have access to the email addresses and can follow the links to set the passwords that's it, then your clients only have to log in with "email1@.." and the password you picked.

    Hope that helps,

  • HI
    I used to use this with the full world map and students called out the countries of the world and we typed them in - but we can't find that feature anymore.
    I purchased the pro membership hoping i would find it once paid in full, but I can only locate photo image challenges. Is the world map - type in the country challenge still available?
    Allie Kuhne
  • Hi,
    we are about buying a group plan for 300 people in total (event for our client). I would like to know if there are options to create challenges for different groups in advance? Managing the traffic of 300 participants at once could be difficult for me? If I create a challenge and send URL link, it won't expire immediately?


  • Hi,

    You can create the challenge link in advance and send it to the people who should play when it is time to play. Challenges don't expire, and having 300+ people in a challenge should not be a problem.

  • I only see the high score and wanted to see all scores, is that not possible?

  • Bonjour,
    Faut-il avoir chacun un compte pro pour pouvoir jouer avec des amis sur la même carte ou un seul compte pro suffit? Merci!
    Bonne journée
  • Bonjour,

    Un seul compte pro est nécessaire afin de créer des liens de challenge. Ces liens peuvent ensuite être partagés à n'importe quel joueur ayant un compte GeoGuessr gratuit ou pro. Cela fonctionne aussi avec les ligues et le mode "battle royale" en partie privée.
  • Hello
    Is it possible to make a Kahoot like game?
    1.Get 15 location
    2.Share a link where people can compete on time?
    Trond Bakke Fløgstad
  • Hi Trond,

    We have discussed improving this moving forward. But for now if you have a Pro-account you can create a Map and share the URL as a challenge to your friends and they can play it with a free account.

  • Hi,
    We paid an annual subscription for Geoguessr earlier this month and are just getting to know it. We have friends who have done the same, and we have tried to challenge them by the following means: we chose a map called French Alps, and then when asked to choose between Single Play and Challenge, chose Challenge. When our friends accepted the challenge they found they were placed in a different Alpine location from ours. Please can you tell me what we are doing wrong?
    We are enjoying the game solo, but would really like to play against friends in the same location.
    Simon Price
  • Hey Simon,

    The locations should be the same if you create a challenge and send it. If you have made a map and then shared it the locations will be in random order.

    Are you sure you selected Challenge and then invited your friends? If so, do you have the Game-ID for this one?

  • Is it possible to create a personalized game with my own photos?   I'd like to use photos from a group as a team building/ice breaker game.
  • Thanks for your reply. My query refers not to challenges using maps we have ourselves created, but using maps that have been created by others (the ones that come up when we put "French Alps"  your "search Maps" button.
    Simon Price
  • USING your Search Maps button.
    Simon Price
  • Hi,

    I'm planning on playing this with my colleagues. I bought the pro subscription and I'm wondering if there is a limit to how many users can play on one challenge-link?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Hi,

    I created a challenge link and played with members on my work team. One of the members was missing, but still wants to play the round. The link was sent via zoom chat, so I no longer have access to it. I was wondering if there was a way for me to find this link on my geoguessr account, so that I can send it to the missing member of the team.

  • I'm sorry but I can't seem to find the option to create a challenge. All I see is a Daily Challenge where I have been challenged. That's not what I am looking for. I want to play this with a group as a competition, and so need to create the challenge. How do I do that?

    Also, do all the members of the group (my guests) have to subscribe to Geoguessr in order to take part in the challenge?

    Thanks, and I would really appreciate an early reply, as I am hosting a virtual event this weekend, and this would be perfect!

    Sudhindra Gadagkar
  • You need a pro subscription to create the challenges then other players can join with a free account.

    To make a challenge just go on the map of your choice, click play and then you'll find the challenge mode where you can configure the game.

    You can also create customized challenges by creating a new map and hand-pick 5 locations (or more and 5 of them will be randomly selected).
  • Thank you, Mapper. I do have a pro subscription. Will try it out. Thanks.
    Sudhindra Gadagkar

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