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Multiplayer function

I am a teacher and my colleagues and I have been playing this game in breaks for months.
We´ve just started using it in class as well, to let the students get to know the world.
We have been talking about how we miss a multiplayer function where every student in the classroom could be playing the same game/map, like you can in Pass&Play. Each student could «connect» to the same game and explore the same map before answering and it would be like a competition. Like the quiz app Kahoot, where a question comes on the screen and every student gives an answer on his/her own device and the scores show up on the screen.
This would be immense fun in the classroom. 
Would love to hear from the Geoguessr team about this idea.
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  • Hi Asnee

    Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried the challenge mode? This enables a user to create a challenge and then invite other users, either by adding them from their friends list or by sending them a url. All players that are using the same url will then play the same locations and their scores are compared after each round as well on a separate result page after the game is finished.

  • Hi,
    Is there anyway to get more than two maps a day for students in a classroom who are not a "Pro" account?

    Carrie Martin
  • Yes you can give them challenge links and they can play for free. Only one pro account is needed to create challenge links which would be the teacher account.
  • Hi,

    So, I will join, and then, I can create challenges and my entire class can join in on a challenge link? How do I get the links to them; I use Google Classroom, will that work?

    Thank you so much.

    -Carrie Martin
    Carrie Martin
  • Challenge links are just regular links. Example:

    So you can give them like any other website link. You use the challenge button on a map page to make a challenge link (you can configure the timer per round if you want one).

    Students then just need to click the link to start the game. They will need an account, but not pro. The only downside is that they will have ads and wait 10 seconds after the third round but nothing is free so they will have to deal with it.
  • Hi Mapper,
    Thank you so much. I have created three challenges and put the links up on the Google Classroom.
    Carrie Hall Martin

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