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Multiplayer function

I am a teacher and my colleagues and I have been playing this game in breaks for months.
We´ve just started using it in class as well, to let the students get to know the world.
We have been talking about how we miss a multiplayer function where every student in the classroom could be playing the same game/map, like you can in Pass&Play. Each student could «connect» to the same game and explore the same map before answering and it would be like a competition. Like the quiz app Kahoot, where a question comes on the screen and every student gives an answer on his/her own device and the scores show up on the screen.
This would be immense fun in the classroom. 
Would love to hear from the Geoguessr team about this idea.
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  • Hi Asnee

    Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried the challenge mode? This enables a user to create a challenge and then invite other users, either by adding them from their friends list or by sending them a url. All players that are using the same url will then play the same locations and their scores are compared after each round as well on a separate result page after the game is finished.


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