Movement glitches

What's going on with movement the past couple days?
You know, sometimes you get rounds where the movement is shit and that just happens. (When I say shit movement I mean like how you can only move 1 step at a time even though you click really far)
But the past 2 days, practically everywhere (daily challenge, Br etc.) the movement is like that. You can move 1 step at a time, you get teleported backwards, it's just super frustrating.


  • Edit: it's not 100% of the time obviously. But it does seem very highly more common than usual.
  • Hi,

    This is not a new thing Im afraid since it occurred when Google made an update a few months ago. We have a longterm project of sorting this out from our end.
  • Google destroyed Street View even more very recently, it's now unusable.
    Everyone should just report the issue on their bug tracker:

    It's not GeoGuessr's job to fix Google's incompetence. Google must stop doing stupid things and seriously get back to work because right now Street View's state is a huge disaster. Really disrespectful to their customers who pay the API 14 times more since 2018.

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