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More synchronous multiplayer modes?

Hi there!
I absolutely love Geoguessr, it's a ton of fun and I regularly play it with large groups of friends & coworkers. Thanks for making this delightful game! 😃

I was wondering if y'all happened to be thinking of adding a less competitive mode that was aimed towards synchronous multiplayer play? BR is great for solo match making, but when you have a large group that wants to play together, having the people who fall off first just sit around and wait for the rest to finish isn't the best social gaming experience.
My group opts to play challenges instead for this reason (so everyone can be engaged), but then we really miss the features of BR like synchronized starts, live updates on the stats of other players, etc.



  • Hi Kate,

    We are working on some things when it comes to game modes and statistics so hopefully in the future we can add em 😀

  • oh cool, thanks for the reply!


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