More stats tracked for maps

In addition to seeing just your top score it would be cool if each map had an option where you could see at least average score for a certain map. It would be cool to see how differently I score on AIGEN vs ACW vs ADW for some examples.

Another suggestion I have for stat tracking would be country specific stats tracked either across each map or just in general. Examples would be how often to I guess x country correctly? Maybe average distance from location for each country. Might be a little tougher but maybe which countries do I guess wrong most often when it's a certain country. For example confusing Latvia and Lithuania and stuff. If anyone else has any ideas just so I can dream about it that would be great.



  • Hi,

    Great suggestions, we want track more fun stats for users in the future and this is a great addition to that. I will forward the info to the team!

    Kind regards,

  • I'd love to see this as well.
  • hey austin,
    there is already a userscript which tracks statistics for individual countries like you mentioned:
    simply install tampermonkey , install the script from the link above, turn on "track stats for this map" when you play one, and your statistics will show up at the bottom of your profile page.

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