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More rounds in a game

I am currently trying to make a game so my class can compete among themselves using a single computer... 5 rounds isn't quite sufficient enough, and I want to use maps that I make. Is there any way to make a game with more than 5 rounds?

Darby Maier


  • Hi Darby,

    Hmm interesting use case. At the moment no, sorry. But we're thinking about building a GeoGuessr education version for schools, and this is great feedback of ways teachers are using GeoGuessr. Thanks for the input I'll bring it up with the team and hopefully we'll have something out soon.


  • Hi, I came here for the same thing. I would love more than 5 rounds as I use GeoGuessr for my Geography classes. It needs more than 5 rounds to actually test their understanding of topics taught.
  • Hi Bianca

    Thanks for the feedback (and sorry about the late reply)! So far we have had to prioritize other issues ahead of this one but we still have this one on our list of ideas.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi has this happened yet
    Benedict Rucker
  • Hello,  Any update on this?  I built a map of 11 locations and want to see all 11 locations without the randomizing nature of 5 per round as then you see a lot of the same locations repeated.
  • 4 years later. That "List of ideas" Must be really long
    Still 5 rounds? really?
  • I think many people (myself included) create custom maps with only tens of locations, for challenging friends / school class / family with places they have visited or places they should know. In such cases, it would indeed be amazing to play the whole map in one game, instead of 5 randomized rounds everytime (which obviously runs some locations multiple times before all locations have been played). Please make it happen, as a developer i'm confident it's not the most difficult feature ever... That being said, thanks and congrats for the recent improvements to Geoguessr <3
  • In my opinion a completely new challenge system is needed. It is kinda stupid to have to create a map just to do a challenge. Instead we could get a "challenge creator" system where you just select the locations in the order you want and immediately get the challenge link ready to be shared. This new system wouldn't be limited to 5 locations as well so we can create challenges with less or more locations. We can imagine more settings, like only allowing specific players to play it which would be quite useful for tournaments to avoid cheaters using alt accounts to check the places in advance.
  • I would also appreciate a system where users could choose to increase the number of rounds to play in a round! Is this still something the Geoguessr team is working on?
  • To explain the use case: some friends and I use Geoguessr to create and play custom maps of important places we have been to, as a social bonding activity. It would be really very helpful if we could play through the entire map at once (or at least have some flexibility in the number of rounds per game), because otherwise we end up repeating locations very frequently when playing through.

    I understand this is not the most common way in which people use Geoguessr, but it seems from above like increasing the number of rounds in a game could support interesting and creative new ways for people to use Geoguessr, potentially expanding the overall user base (or at least making the community very happy)?

  • I agree! Currently, maps work best with either exactly 5 or 30+ locations.  Anywhere in the middle and you get a lot of repeat locations after just a couple of games. I think there are a couple of ways to improve this:
    - longer rounds (perhaps as an option when creating a challenge)
    - some sort of duplicate-location protection between games (as a map setting? As an option when creating multiple challenges?)

    There might be other good ways to fix this too.
  • Seeing the number of recent replies on this old post, I decided to make a new one in the forum dedicated to suggestions: Feel free to reply there if you want devs to pay attention...

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