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more pay options plaese

I have no creditcard, you know most people in the netherlands do have no creditcart. Ideal will be great, i also have no paypal so go pro is not a option for me.
louis gerrits


  • Hi Louis,

    Someone else also suggested Ideal to us, we're looking into it!

    thanks for the feedback
  • Oke thank you, nice you'r looking for the Ideal option, Can't wait to play pro,.
    louis gerrits
  • Any update on the IDeal option? I am unable to go pro too. Because I don't use creditcard.
  • Still no Ideal? I wanna play pro but I have no creditcard or paypal, so thats a shame

    Reve Peters
  • I don't have a creditcard either. how is it on the Ideal update?
  • Hi,

    No update yet, but if you are having issues with payment send me an email to with what subscription type you prefer and I can set it up from my end and you can pay with a manual link (usually works out)


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