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Mobile random location change mid round

About a quarter way through many of my rounds in battle royale distance, the photosphere randomly shifts to another location. An example is on time there was a round which had a clearly Denmark photosphere at first (with the Denmark bollards) then shifted to a US one about a quarter of the way through the round. It is really annoying because it gives me less time to look around, and sometimes I even guess in the wrong place because of it. I’m using the iOS 16 beta, and that might be a problem, but other than that I have no idea what could cause this bug.


  • Hi,

    It could be related to broken/removed coverage. We are working on resolving that, but might occur often on the mobile than on the web as of now.
  • I just update to iOS 16 today, and I am having the exact same issue. The map flipped mid game several times, causing me to guess the wrong country for the round even the though the map I was flipped to was clearly correct.
    Mark Amargo
  • Thanks for the report. Could you send an email to with what version of the App you are using along with what device you have. Thanks!
  • I sent the information to the email as requested

    I record my in-game play of the issue and uploaded it, unlisted, to my YouTube channel.
    Here is the link:

    This is an in-game capture video of what is going on in the mobile app. This location actually changed during the first round. In the video you can see that the Answer is the UK, but the location I was “changed” to was clearly not the UK.
    Mark Amargo
  • All good. Thanks a lot Mark! 👍

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