Missing leg on Pro League


We are in the middle of a Pro League with a group of friends and for some reason we haven't been able to play one leg (Bird's-eye view - Drone View of the world (1630+ locations)). Instead of lasting 72h it ended 10 minutes after starting, so nobody has played it.

Probably the cause is that one player started to play the previous leg too close to its end, so he finished the leg a few minutes after it finished. Maybe this situation messed with the algorithm somehow, I don't know.

Is this something you can fix? We would be really happy if you are able to add " Bird's-eye view - Drone View of the world" after the current leg for example.

Here you have the link of the league, it's called Sporcle - Tournament VI :

Thank you so much!



  • Hi,

    Do not think that we easily can add a leg to a Pro League Im afraid. But will raise a ticket and see if its an easy fix.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to add a leg to a Pro League from our end. Perhaps create a new one and then manually count the points from the previous one, as a workaround?
  • Ok no problem, thanks for trying!

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