Missing "change password"

Hi guys,
since one of the last updates i miss the "change password" in the setting. Where is it?
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  • It is always in https://www.geoguessr.com/me/settings for me. Try clearing your browser cache.
  • cleared my browser cache. Still not visible.
    I see just Nickname/Country, email Settings, content settings, your sub, payment method, invoices, cancel sub, delete acc, contact after i cleared my cache. Now i miss the verification inquiry too.
    Its weird.
  • Do you use Google / FB login?
  • Yes, FB but before the update im sure i had the option to change the password.
  • Well it was not supposed to appear as you don't have any password (it basically uses your FB account / password).

    You can ask the devs to switch your account to a standalone one so you'll have a password for GeoGuessr.
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