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Minimum Distance


I asked this question a while back, and I got a fairly vague answer about things being worked on, but it didn't really point to what was being answered.

I have continued to attempt 25k'ing all of the countries in Explorer Mode, which has been moving along. I had 10 left, until we decided to start Mongolia, which really became a challenge due to roads not being labeled on the maps, or the marker being offset. It took about 125 attempts over 3-4 days, but we got there in the end.

Now, however, we have moved on to Uganda. I thought I was out of the woods when we finally completed Mongolia, but Uganda is another beast entirely. After over 200 attempts, I have yet to find one with 5 urban seeds. Every single seed has at least one, if not multiple national park locations in it, making it impossible. I got a 24,999 yesterday, being 40m off the 25k.

I understand that Explorer Mode is mostly made for people to experience amazing looking locations, and that is why locations like national parks are in there. Hell, I found some elephants in the wetlands of Botswana, and we were amazed on stream, and had some fun times. This would be all well and good if there was just the gold medal, but when you add a new medal for 25k, players like me who like to complete countries need a little bit of help.

My solution is simple, and it works for everyone, and I have suggested it before..

Up the minimum distance of guesses to 30m. It would genuinely fix everything. Countries like Uganda shouldn't take weeks and hundreds of attempts to complete. It shouldn't be something that makes players pull their hair out.



  • Just got this in Botswana, which I think perfectly describes the way a location can be misplaced and cost a 5k guess in a country. I was clearly just on the edge of the intersection. Sure, I guessed a little towards the middle, but had the location been fine, the 5k would have been given.

    This is a perfect description of how a 30m minimum floor for giving a 5k guess would save so much hassles, especially with misplaced locations/roads.

  • Heyo!

    Yeah I agree, and it could either be that the min-distance is extended or another idea we have discussed is to have a performance-based distance (might be a cool thing to have longterm) where depending on the scores on a map it can differ what constitutes a platinum/gold medal for instance.

    We are still discussing this, and we will see what the outcome will be in the future 😀

  • Google applies a maximal distance of about 45-50m before a Street View picture is removed if distant too much from a road on the map (Street View pictures have to be close enough to a road on the map to be published, otherwise it is automatically removed). For this reason I think guesses under 50m should always give 5000 points.

    Also being able to define this distance in the map editor would be great. Currently we have to trick the formula by placing locations in extreme locations such as the South Pole to increase the safe distance and it would be way better if we can define the safe distance to have 5000 points and also the maximal error distance to get 0 point (the game would then calculate for intermediate distance that give between 1 and 4999 points).
  • Yepp makes sense for map makers to be able to set that as well, I will add it to the Map Making wishlist we have for improvements. Thanks Mapper!
  • Lowering the threshold wouldn't matter so much for bronze/silver/gold medals I don't think, as many probably couldn't name what score you need to get to actually get those medals, at least bronze and silver. Lots of people go for gold medals in Explorer Mode, so they probably know what that is. Getting a gold medal isn't really that hard though, so I feel that it doesn't need changing anyway. 4.5k average guess gets you a 22.5k gold medal.

    I personally think that lowering the threshold for a platinum medal from 25k diminishes it's value. Even if you lowered it to say 24,900 or 24,950, I wouldn't see that as a perfect score, even if I had leaves around my gold medal, and would want to get 25,000 on my scoreboard for consistency.

    There are streamers who just play maps going for 25k's alone, some even doing streaks of them to see how many they can get in a row. Getting a 25k is something special, and should be honoured by a leafy trim, just my opinion though.


    Thanks for your input Mapper. To be fair, on some maps, where roads aren't even marked properly (Christmas Island, Faroe Islands), 50m and under would really help. In saying that, you could get one street over in Singapore and get it right still.

    Either way, I think as long as the distance is upped to at least 30m, this genuinely helps immensely. I personally don't think the medals need changing, I think they are perfect as they are. The platinum medal should be something to strive towards - just need a little help to get there in some countries.

    Again, thanks for listening and understanding, I hope this gets implemented, because it really will help, so much.

    Also, thanks for adding a couple more maps, looking forward to giving Guam and UAE a run.

  • Please. For the love of all that is sacred. Up the minimal distance. This is killing me.



  • When you published the Explorer Mode there were only gold, silver, and bronze medals. After a while you introduced the "platinum" medal to add a special value to the perfect score. If you lower the threshold for the platinum medal people will still aiming for the 25k. After a while you will introduce a diamond level to add a special value to the perfect score. That's called inflation ... ;-)

    As the others said: just increase the tollerance for the 5k.
    A European
  • One of many attemps today to get 25k in Faroe Islands.

    A European
  • Christmas Islands and Faroe Islands were the only two places that I allowed myself to check Google Maps to actually identify where the roads were, as they were genuinely wrong most of the time. You basically won't get 25k there otherwise. I suggest that you don't click on the road to see if you are right, but have the blue line up like you have here and estimate where the road will be in the game mode. Just my opinion though.

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