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mini map size

Since the new update, I can't increase the size of the mini map as much as I could before. It is actually quite hard to see something on this small map, especially because I have an eye disability that makes it even harder than for normal people. I really liked the maximum size that was possible before the latest update.
Please revert this change.


  • Hi Moto,

    I totally agree with you. I do not understand why we can't expand the mini-map as much as we could before today's update.

    This makes the game really less comfortable. If we could have an even bigger mini-map than previously, it would be cool. But at least, do not decrease its size please.

    I, and friends who play with me, would love having the mini-map expansion back to the same as before.

    Thanks for your attention.
  • I have paid to play the game and was entirely happy until I saw the new changes to the map. It isn't as much fun to play.If it continues like this,I may not renew, sadly
  • Since the new version, don't have the + and - symbols to adjust the size of the mini map.  Makes it impossible to make any kind of guess as to the location. Not fun!
  • Hi,

    As you've noticed there are some things that we've missed and or that are not working properly. We've added your input to our backlog and are on it. Fixes should come out soon.

    thanks for the feedback
  • Thanks. It is much better now


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