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Messy challenge mode final results

Challenge mode with a community really needs to have better results. It should be showing the top scorers for each round in the full results, as well as the top scorer for each round while you play instead of the current leader's round score! 😀
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  • Hi Foxfoe,

    Thanks for the suggestion! Sounds reasonable 😀 When we built it we designed it for what we thought would be a "normal" amount of players and it didn't really work out that well with 100+ players hehe. Your suggestions would be an improvement, thanks.

  • What might help with situations like that would be to introduce options for a challenge. You know, having checkboxes to enable/disable features for a challenge. Like how the scores are displayed at the end.

    It is probably going to be an impossiblity, but what would be really good is if a challenge is done so that everybody plays the same round and makes their guess, but the round results are not displayed until the challenger has hit a 'finish round' button (or something like that), which then displays how people did, and anyone that has not started yet is locked out of the challenge. That way, nobody 'cheats' and it truly makes it feel like a multiplayer game 😀 Although this would obviously only apply for timed challenges.
  • You should also fix the final round information. It tells you 'You lost! Better luck next time!' to everyone that is not the winner. It can sometimes come across as 'You Suck at this!' to some people, maybe telling people where they placed instead is a better idea?

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