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Hello, I recently played the map "Stuck in Antarctica," and realized that pinning accurately close to either pole is difficult because we must pin on a distorted map. I think maybe having the option to spin and pin on a globe would be a solution, and also kind of fun.
Eileen Keegan


  • I played the map 'antarctica' yesterday and had the same problem. Destination #3 was directly at the south pole (maybe about 2 meters north of it - from the south pole any direction is north...), destination #5 was a few kilometers away (from the rooftop of the station you could see the south pole).

    I located both flags on the bottom of the map and was 128km and 131km away from the destination. This means that either the bottom of the map is not at 90° south or the distance calculation near the poles is faulty. On destination #3 you may go 10m to the west or to the east and then you are where you started from. So it is hard to understand how your guess can be 128 km west or east of the destination.

    The proposal to use a spinning globe for pinning is not very realistic. GeoGuessr uses Google Maps, and as long as they do not offer a spinning globe view GeoGuessr cannot use it. But maybe we find some volunteers to program a near-to-perfect spinning globe and to let GeoGuessr use it without any charge (or at least cheaper than Google Maps). Of course, this map needs its own Street View. Even if it would be possible to connect Google's Street View to the spinning globe it would probably be tariffed in a way that makes it impossible to use.
  • Note that the South Pole coverage is not placed on the actual South Pole on Google Maps itself. The maps don't have the poles, even in the globe view (because Google Maps does have a 3D globe view, however  it can't be enabled in other applications like GeoGuessr). It is possible to implement a globe view using external tools such as but even there you can see OpenStreetMap lacks of poles in the provided map example.

    GeoGuessr can't do anything about this and anyways you will never be able to pinpoint such locations since the maps have no landmark. It's just a lost cause to try playing in Antarctica close to the South Pole.

    But implementing a globe view may be possible (I did say "may", not "is", I'm not a GeoGuessr developer).

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