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Memory problem.

I had to give up geoguessr for a long while as every time I play it eats up memory. I came back this evening and played one round before giving up. Memory usage by Firefox is now up to 3.5Gb of the 4Gb I have and I know a crash is inevitable. With the old interface I could get through most of the 5 levels before a crash, but now I'm dangerously out of RAM after only one level.
This doesn'y happen when I go expl;oring on google maps itself. Get it fixed, please.

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  • Hi Eddie. I'm sorry you're having problems with the game. The Firefox issues are known and we're working on them.

    Google recently replaced their implementation of Maps and StreetView. The new version works better, thus you are probably not encountering the same memory footprint when you're on the actual Maps service. Unfortunately, this version is not available for developers yet. The version we're using have documented problems with memory on Firefox and it's rather easy to reproduce massive over-allocation by simply walking around.

    Please bear with us here. Thanks for playing.


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