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Memorize our latests challenges

Hey guys, what a nice idea I love GeoguessR !
My suggestion : it would be great if we could memorize our past scores and challenges, and the one we created too (I've made one but with a mistake, and then I could not go back and modify it, I should had to re-create the 5 places).
Well it means to be identified on GeoguessR, and have an account, I guess. Members could be identified with the place they live in, I think there could be many possibilities to improve the community aspect.


Fred from France Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Fred (or Bonjour)

    Thank you for playing. This is a great idea and something that we're thinking about implementing in one way or another, keep an eye on our new beta at or our twitter feed for the latest updates!

    Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback!

    Kind regards


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