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I'd just recommended you to a friend, which reminded me of the fun I used, very occasionally to have. Went to play my one free game for "today", it didn't load properly, so I hit refresh, and was told I'd had my game for today. Also, "one game per day" and "24 hours between games" is not the same thing at all. I've been denied TODAY's game at 6pm... and can't have my next one game tomorrow morning... I have to wait until 6? // I'm not totally unsympathetic to the idea that you have to cover costs... but the approach seems a bit mean, a bit extreme. Three free games a day? A way to buy "x" games, without signing up for automatic credit card debits forever, if I forget to cancel? (All rhetorical... no answers needed. I enjoyed your game, but don't "need" it.)

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