May - June 2022 lag

I have noticed that the last month or two a specific lag occurs at all maps. It is about lagging at bends and elevations no matter which map I try. Moving all arround is easy and fast as long as I don't come across some uneven terrain. When that happens, the movement becomes really hard, like I can only move one by one frame and sometimes I even get thrown few frames back. It had never happened to me before early/mid may 2022. And it's generally as I just described for the last month or more.
Can someone, please, share some update about that problem or their own experience with the same issue? I don't know whether it is something about my PC or the game.
Tin Eugen Pavše Mandić


  • The problem comes from Google who seems to do nothing to solve it despite requests and reports being done by a lot of people for months:

    The game is dying because of this and sadly there is no solution unless Google finally wakes up.
  • Thank you on some background. So, it's not only me.

    I haven't noticed it before because I hadn't been playing much earlier this year. Yes, it really ruins the game. It's almost impossible to travel arround some areas.
    Tin Eugen Pavše Mandić

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