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Maps with no clues at all

I wish we could report or skip maps of roads in the middle of nowhere with no clues whatsoever. I'm getting too many maps with absolutely no distinctive vegetation, no traffic signs, nothing written, no people, no cars, no architecture at all. I always rate them one star and check the "few clues" box, but they just don't stop coming.
I play a lot of country streak with my boyfriend and this is ruining our game experience. It's really frustrating when you're starting to go far in the game and you reach a map with no clues at all. It feels like the map was made to make you loose instead of making you think. I hate it and I'm really considering cancelling my subscription because I don't see how they can fix this.


  • They can't really fix it because that's how our World is. It's not a big city, and many empty areas exist. Those places are not a problem, moving around is usually enough to find the country. Lot of details can help such as road style, sign looks, kilometer posts style, car models, sun position, if it drives on the right or left side... And I didn't even talk about everything related to Google Street View itself such as camera qualities or details on the Google car that goes off the car mask under. Lot of things most players will usually don't pay attention because they don't know about that. This is just how to become better at this game, really.
  • I get what you mean but I was referring to those maps of long roads without any cars or road signs and no way to see the Google car. If there are no cars I can't possibly see their models or which side of the road they're driving on or what the drivers look like. I play with a 5-minute time limit and and don't use Google. I play a lot and I've been playing for a while and this still gets me. Maybe those maps were made to be played with no time limit, I don't know.
  • Well the maps are not made for any specific game mode (with or without time limitation) and some people can enjoy empty locations as an extra challenge. Very long empty roads are not that common. Even in Argentina you'll usually find some kilometer post at some point (and their look is unique to this country) and the landscape is quite specific anyways.

    I almost exclusively play with timers (5 min or less) and I rarely get in the situation where I can't get the country right. The most common case is some random forest road in one of the Baltic countries or mountainous paths in the Balkans, where many countries that look similar are. But this stays quite unusual, at least with the official country streak mode.

    If you can give some examples of empty rounds this could be a good help to see it they are actually problematic. You can give the Google Maps link you get when clicking the flag icon on the result screen's map.
  • Just to add...and really just to vent somewhere...
    I get that some maps need to be a little more challenging, but I ended up on a wooden bridge over a river, with only 3 steps to move. That wasn't even a street map, it was a spot. No clues whatsoever. I just picked a spot in the world. My overall average before that was 24,991. After was 24,520. 🙁
  • Sadly that's another kind of problem from Google Street View. There is no way to detect this with the tools Google provides. It's only possible to find it when we randomly get to play on it.

    I recommend you to not care too much about the average score. Google Maps and Street View is not accurate enough for that.
  • Your average score getting a bit lower is one thing, but losing your country strike is something else entirely. This really pisses me off, because we can guess a region in a continent by the natural features like vegetation, but sometimes it's impossible to distiguish from neighbouring countries without road pavement, language, cars or buildings to tell them apart. This happens a lot with some countries in Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe, and Southeast Asia. If there's nothing written in many kilometers, no houses, no cars, no paved roads, no traffic signs, no people whatsoever, it's impossible to tell them apart.
  • I meant country streak. 😀
  • +1
    Also, photospheres should be excluded from streak games for the same reason (might be impossible to tell the country unless you know the place).
    I'm not sure if it's possible to exclude photospheres, I think google API doesn't tell you what is a sphere and what is streetview.

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