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Maps for Free Accounts or Student Accounts

I understand your recent changes and your need to increase revenues to keep the site going, but I'd like to suggest a small tweak.  I'm a social studies teacher in Canada and have used my pro account to create maps for my students.  Unfortunately, they can't access those maps beyond a single play. It would be great if the free account could have access to unlimited play on one map.  Alternatively, would it be possible to create an education account, where, for a nominal fee, a school could buy access for students with a common sign-in and access to a limited range of maps selected by the instructor?
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  • Just a suggestion: Free accounts can play unlimited challenges, so create lots of challenges with your pro account and let them play those.
  • I also am a Social Studies teacher in Canada. I only use GeoGuessr  for about a month each school year. The problem is that I have about 100 students. It would be great if I could have the option of buying a teacher account that lets my school pay for my membership and I could let my students have more access.
    Greg Hyslop
  • I have the same issue.  Is there anyway for me to have a pro account with custom maps and then have my students play them?  For reference I have about 400 students per year.
    Steve Stewart
  • If you take a pro account you can create custom maps and then make challenge links for the students, they will be able to play them for free.
  • Would I need to send out a unique link for each student or could I send one link for the entire class?
    Steve Stewart
  • i also need a teacher account and willing to pay for it. i want my students to play the game without registering to geo-guesser. is it possible?
  • You could just send one link to the entire class and they can all play the exact same game, as long as they each have a free account and you have a pro account.
  • I use a school account, but it won’t let me use it. I only have a limited amount of emails, so it’s the only one I can use. Can they have some free no email option for one day?
  • Hi Biblablou,

    Did you try to sign up for an Education subscription but it didn't work? It's not possible to sign up for Education if you already have a pro subscription but it doesn't look like the account for the address you used here have one so it should work.

  • If my sub increases to pay for the cheapo teachers then I'm outta here.
  • They're not cheapo SimiSami do you realize how much teachers get paid? not much. I think you can afford to pay an extra dollar and Geoguessr really couldn't care less about you.

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