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Maps are not opened

I cannot open any map because of this: "It looks like you are using an ad blocker". But the problem is that I have disabled the adblock. Moreover, maps cannot be opened in all browsers I have regardless if there is an adblock or there is none.


  • Hi Polina,

    I will investigate, which ad blocker are you using/have installed? And which browsers are you using?

  • I use Google Chrome, and the ad blocker is adblock plus.
  • Oh, and I also tried to open the maps in Yandex Browser and Microsoft Edge. I don't usually use them so there are no ad blockers.
  • First you should stop using AdBlock Plus as it was sold and now in exchange of money the extension will allow ads to be displayed. It can't be trusted anymore. µBlock Origin is the one to use.

    If you can't open any maps with any browser than it can be from your ISP or some firewall blocking the game. Can you open Google Maps and navigate Streetview? Are you in a place where Internet could be controlled, like in some university campus?
  • Hi,

    I don't have any other suggestions than what Mapper said at the moment. Could you try to disable/remove the ad blocker all together and see if it makes any difference. I was also thinking firewall or maybe antivirus program as a possible reason. Do you have another computer you could try with on the same wifi?

  • Mapper, I am not in university campus or any other place where internet can be controlled.
    Mikael, I deleted adblock plus, disabled all extensions, and checked if it could help but nothing changed. Unfortunately, I don't have another computer to try with.

    Thank you any way...
  • Sorry to hear that.

    Could you open the console (right click somewhere on the page and click inspect) and see if there's any errors there?

  • There seems to be an error.

  • The green icon in the top bar looks like AdGuard AdBlocker, is that deactivated as well?

  • Kaspersky Protection? It was also turned off when I tried to open the maps.

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