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Mapmaking, Hand picked lockasons.

I enjoy making themed maps which means using the handpicked tool which works well for that.
I would like to do maps like"places that made history" or "places where photographs were taken that went worldwide, then and now". But there would be no content you would just be started in some town centre or bridge with your starting pin as it works now so there is little point in trying that map theme.
But if you could add a little note that pops up on the map till you make your first move then it goes off until you click return to start pin.
A little twitter-like short description of why I am starting you at that point. IE
" Sarajevo’s Romeo and Juliet, the photo was taken at this pin by Mark H. Milstein. A moving image that went worldwide from May 19, 1993."
and the pin would be placed at 43.85328003769702, 18.406527547753143
And people interested may look up the story that took place there adding extra depths to the maps without being intrusive.
Well, probably can't be done but I will throw this thought into the pot.


  • Hi,

    Absolutely, it would be a cool thing to have. We have talked about that before, as well as perhaps for the mapmaker to add hints into their Maps. But at the moment nothing more than that, since it will take some time to set up something like it.

    But we have the suggestion in your sheet, so we shall see if we are able to add it at some point. 🙂


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