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Map to place pin is not auto resizing

The map has always shrunk down to the smallest size when I'm not hovering over it but today it stopped doing it. I have tried toggling the pin setting - which I assume is meant to control this, but nothing changes. Have refreshed and tried multiple maps and nothing is making it resize automatically anymore. Anything I am missing?


  • Just commenting to say that I also have this issue. It is quite annoying in Battle Royale and other timed game modes.
  • Should follow up and say mine has fixed itself. But there was about 2 days when I initially posted this where I had the issue.

    In hindsight I think it may have been a local issue on my computer. I didn't play for a couple of days during which time my computer did an update and when I played next it was back to normal.
  • Ah, good to know the bug might be on my end, though I installed a different browser (Firefox to Edge Dev), and the issue persists...
  • A little late, but I also experience this issue. My normal setup is a Windows 10 HP laptop, with 2 external monitors hooked up through a USB C hub, with the laptop closed. I noticed that when I was disconnected from my hub, and using the laptop screen, the map resized itself as normal. My solution now is to open my laptop, and mirror one of my external monitors to the laptop screen.  

    I would still like to know why it does this, and if there were a way to not have to monkey with my hardware every time I want to play.

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