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Map Title Issues

My map, "Dams of the World" does not show up when searching the word "dam" or "dams." I've been fiddling with the title and description, but my map is not findable when it has the word "dam(s)" in it. The only way I'm able to find it is by searching "dams of," which nets another map "Dams of the Western U.S." that is also undiscoverable thru searching "dams."

I'm guessing this has something to do with the recent language filter, where older Dam maps were grandfathered in. I'm really hoping this can be fixed, as I've spent many hours on it.

Thanks in advance 😃



  • Hi there. We'll have a look. As you pointed out, we've made some updates regarding search lately and this might need further tweaking. Thanks.
  • I have noticed similar problems. For example I have 6 maps named "Japan Tour #" and a number and a description.

    However when I search for the word "japan" only

    Japan Tour #2 - Japan with a K

    comes up on the results and that's only sometimes, other times none of my maps will show up at all. The search doesn't even say if there are more results to browse.
    I wonder if the results is missing some "Next page" of results or something. It's like it presents only 50 results and every search that can produce more results gets lost. Try for example the words "map" or "world" in both cases only 50 results come up. I'm sure well over 50 maps have the word World or Map on them.
  • Hi Mike,

    Late reply but we done some updates to the search. Now there's at least a show more button, and I find your maps after awhile. If I search for "japan tour" I see all your maps.

    We'll keep improving the search and add filters etc.

    Awesome maps by the way!

  • Yes I noticed the new search functionality. I like that we are now not limited to a number of results on the search, but we have a "Show more"

    Thanks a lot.

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