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Map search

It's hard to find the good maps of cities/districts because all you get on the search page is the map names and number of likes. Please add number of locations to the listing so I don't have to click through to see this. Also, please add a Notes feature, so that I can make a (public or private) note to remind me next time what is good or bad about particular maps. eg. there are 10 maps listed as "Cheshire" but they vary in accuracy! Best wishes, Adrian (dadgecity)
Adrian Bailey


  • Hi Adrian,

    This is on the Map-making wishlist so hopefully in the future we can apply this type of functionality to the search-bar when it comes to maps/areas etc 😀

  • p.s. It'd also be helpful if there was a subtle difference in the listing of polygon maps. (Maybe a pentagon symbol after the name?) bc there's quite a big difference between the two types of map if covering the same area.
    Dadge City
  • Two years later, so I thought I'd check in to find out why there's been no progress on this. Map search still doesn't give any info about maps with similar names (except the number of likes, but that figure is somewhat meaningless) unless you click through, and there's still no way of flagging bad maps. (And reporting maps doesn't seem to work - I reported this one and it's still up.)
    Dadge City

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