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Map Makers Can Add Optional Description to a Location

Hi Geoguessr Team!

I absolutely love the platform that you guys have created.
I think it would be really nice if map creators could add a description to the location that becomes visible to players when the round finishes.

Here is a demonstration of what this could look like.

I believe this would allow players to have a better understanding of the location and why it was picked.

Would love to see this implementation.
Many Thanks!



  • Hi Nate,

    Sorry for the late reply..
    That's an interesting idea and we've been thinking of something similar. For ex. adding a description or even a quiz after a location.

    I don't know when we'll release something but it's in our backlog!

  • Was coming to suggest the same, I'm doing curiosity/educative maps, and being able to append some text to a location would make them perfect.

    Thank you very much for the fantastic game and tools, my parents never liked videogames, but they are map nerds and this has been the perfect tool to bond over specially now when all relation we have is online.
    Aina S
  • Thanks for the feedback Aina!


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