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Map maker

I'm thinking about going pro but I wanted to know if it's possible in the map maker to select an area from which the geoguessr server will randomly generate five locations every time someone plays this map? Or do I have to select specific locations? For example I would like to create a map for a specific country.



  • Kamil,

    Presently, the map maker requires you to select 5 locations to create a single game.

    If you're looking for a way to randomly generate locations within specific country boundaries, I suggest checking out this page on the Geoguessr subreddit:

    Chances are good that the specific country you're looking for is there.

  • Ahh, It looked very promising indeed but it creates a "retro" game. I need to create a game with time limit per round in a challenge mode to compete with friends. But thanks for sharing that link anyway!

    GeoGuessr team: could it be sth you'd consider to implement some time in the future? To be able to create a map by drawing a polygon on a map to set boundaries?

  • Hi Kamil,

    Yes that's a feature that we discussed but decided that "custom coordinates" would be more fun to start with. I'll bring it up with the team again, thanks for the feedback, it helps to know what you guys want when we prioritize new features.

    If you want to try the map maker pro accounts have a 10 day free trial period.


  • Wow, it would be nice feature ! Nice idea Kamil !

    I would like to create area on map, make points in this area and set as challenge to send link to my friends.

    Please, make it !

  • I just made a map, PORTLAND, OR. I just went pro and started playing others' maps. I know from those maps that you must be able to select an area, like outlining your city, and have it generate random places within the area to put you. Because it isn't the same 5 locations every time on their map. How do I do that? When I went to Map Maker it only allowed me to make a map with five points. I played the game and it was those 5 points. I played again and it was the same points. How do I select an area and not points? My game is pretty dumb right now, and not the best views of Portland!

    Tom Soppe
  • At first I thought you had to be wrong, but upon checking, I came to realize that you can select more than 5 locations when making your own maps. Thus, if you select 10 locations for your Portland-map, when playing it, it will randomly select five locations, and the next time you play it another five random locations.

  • After playing around with this for a bit, I must say that I still second the others in this thread: I'd love to be able to create a random challenge within specific boundaries, like in GeoGenerator.

    I think this could be either accomplished by selecting a center point and defining a radius, or by being able to draw one (or multiple, for example several cities) complex polygon(s). Within these boundaries, you would get five completely random locations.

    I guess the maximum tolerable distance from the starting point to get a 5000-score should be defined based on the total covered area of the polygon(s), or something like that, with a minimum of a couple of meters.

    In some way these random maps should be easy to identify among the now present 'created' maps, as another category.

  • Hi guys

    As Carel already discovered it is indeed possible to add more than 5 locations to your map. If there exists more than 5 locations the games generated will select locations randomly from the ones that you've already added to your map.

    We'll definitely look into the "area based maps" as this seems to be a very popular feature.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi.

    This is awesome news! Do you have any rough estimate when this area based maps feature might land in Geoguessr? I mean is something that we can expect in a month, or rather in a year?

  • Hi Kamil,

    Sorry but nope, no timeline yet. It's a frequently requested feature, but we need to prioritise our backlog to get a better picture of when it might be done.

    thanks again for the suggestion!


  • I am new to map maker. I made a map of Ridgewood NJ, I added 100 locations, saved it in my maps and I have played the game 20 times to make sure that everything works as it should.

    How do I get it out there so that others besides myself can play it?
    Gregory Stewart
  • If you published the map then anyone searching for Ridgewood  or maybe NJ will find it in the search results. You can also create challenge links if you want to give it to other players such as your friends etc. It will also appear on "new maps" when you update it (by adding or modifying locations for exemple).
  • Thank you. I published it a week ago, and when I search for it on Google it does not come up.
    Gregory Stewart
  • Google isn't related to GeoGuessr, you need to search directly on the game. You have a search bar on the top.
  • I can't make a map

  • Hi,

    I can see you have a free-account. You can sign up for a Pro-account (10 day free trial) if you want to try it out.

    More information here on our different options:



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