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Map maker saving issues

I made a map with many polygons and i couldn't save or publish it. I read somewhere else that there is a 50-60k location limit (weird, but ok) so i decided to delete a bunch of them to try and save. Nothing worked and i just gave up and threw it out. Is it possible to get a clear indication on when you can or can's publish maps?
Max van Leeuwen


  • The 50-60k limit is for hand picked locations, because of a safety limit on the data volume transferred and processed by the website. For polygons I've never heard about such problem until now. How many polygons did you gave? And how much vertices?
  • I have the same problem and it's so annoying! I do a lot of work to make the map and then I can't save it. Sometimes it works but sometimes this happens.

  • Hi,

    Sorry about that, if you run into this again, could you open up the developer console in the browser and have a look if there's an error message? (In chrome you right click anywhere on the page and click "inspect" and then the click on the console tab.

    Or even better if you know polygon that fails so I'm able to recreate it.

  • Hello,

    I just had a similar issue with a polygon map I created (~100 different polygons encompassing cities). It would be a real shame if I can't find a way to get it to save (right now I just click the "create map" and nothing happens). I had the following error messages show up:

    failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400

  • Hi Nico,

    Sorry about that, one possible reason is that one of the polygons doesn't have any (or less than 5) locations. I understand if you don't want to go through all and look, but maybe have a look at the most obscure ones?

    Another reason could be that it exceeds the limit mentioned above, if you have a large polygon maybe you could remove that (or a couple) and then try to save.

    As long as you keep the tab open you should still be able to save it later.

    The only way for me to help is if you can copy the payload that is being sent when you save. If you open the developer console and look at the network tab you'll see a request being sent when you click the save/create button, if you click that you'll see the request payload.

    I don't know if you can figure out my screenshot but I can try to explain in more detail.


  • Mikael,

    Thank you for your response. I think this is the request payload for when I click the "create map" button:

    Does that tell you anything?

  • I looked through all of the polygons and found that a few didn't have enough locations. Published. Thanks for your help!
  • Awesome!

    Sorry about the inconvenience.. we'll have to fix that so it doesn't happen.


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