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Map maker quality-of-life changes

1. Increase the height of the map window (the location selection window). Why is it so squished in height? This would create much better view range and would make searching for locations much easier without having to go into full-screen mode.

2. Show the photosphere orientation window in the full-screen mode of the map. The photosphere orientation window, where you select which way the photosphere will face and where you can save or remove it, is only shown in the normal view mode of the map (when it's not full-screen). When you hit full screen and select a location, the window will not pop up and this slows the process of location selection, as you have to return to windowed mode to see it and can't set up the locations directly from the full-screen window which gives better vision of the map.

3. Add a button to disable street view lines on the map. When there is a lot of street view in one area searching for certain locations or just seeing the features of the map which are hidden under them is much more difficult as they can cover a very large area of the map unless you zoom in all the way. A button for disabling/enabling the showing of the street view lines like there is on Google Maps would be really helpful.

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