Map language in app vs website

I downloaded the android version of Geoguessr and saw that the google map in the game is in the same language as i always wanted (Hebrew in this case).

I asked a few months ago about an option of changing the map language in the web version and there was no answer.

I assume that it is possilbe to change it to hebrew in the web version if it's already done in the android app.
I guess it needs to check my default language of the browser/system/google account or whatever.

Please make that option in the web version as you did in the app.



  • Hi,

    We do not have any immediate plans to introduce new languages on the site since it is not as easy as for the apps (where Google and iOS help with that in local countries where its released).

    But I will add it to the feedback sheet as well for when we have time to look over the languages offered on the site.

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