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Map alternatives for online multiplayer

I believe the gaming community would greatly benefit to a alternative option other than the World Map. Especially online play when people are playing ranked play and are heavily penalized (in ranked points and division) when one loses after being spawned in a random museum or another indoors trekker nuisance. This unfun, inconsistent variable, that doesn't fit the characteristics of a game that would fall under "ranked", must be reviewed. Museum drop ins are great for the eyes who don't have a minute to logically pinpoint where in the world they are base off four walls rather than an open sky and landscape. I believe an updated ranked World map that has been shaped and looked over in detail would be an excellent option. If the popular demand is in favor of the World map in the ranked online multiplayer portion of the game after all, at least adding an additional adjusted map as an alternative would make all the gamers who feel like I do a huge favor. Thank you all for keeping Geoguessr alive and healthy!!
Ace Tomkalski


  • Thanks for the feedback!

    I will forward this feedback to the team!


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