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Many clicks and nothing happens

When I click on any multiplayer mode, nothing is getting loaded.
After multiple clicks then....Finally I get put in a lobby.
I also tried one click and press F5....No effect.

When I am in a match and I guess, I only see the timer running down and the clock on the guess button turning, while I see everybody guessing an reguessing...
This eventually times out and I'm out because my guess wasn't placed.

Also I realized that one game counted for two in the weekend series, which I'm not a fan of at all.

Question being: Can that one unplayed game from this weekend series be restored and can the "guess but nothing happens timeout" problem be fixed?


  • Hi,

    We had a bug which should have been resolved now. We are not able currently to add or remove games Im afraid, but hopefully we can add it along the way in Competitive.

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