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Making maps

The only 2 methods I see for designing a map are: (1) manually drop a set of pins, or (2) delineate a polygon region.

It would be great if there was another tool here: imagine if Map-maker let you delineate a route between two locations. The rounds on this Map will be randomly picked somewhere on the route.

Similarly to getting direction in google maps, it could be initiated with a starting pin and an ending pin, and then a route is drawn up between the two pins. The route should be adjustable, with intermediate pins along the way (again, just like google maps).

I went on a road trip through Canada and the US recently, and I would love to have a Geoguessr map that follows my route, but that doesn't involve me manually putting a bunch of pins down along the way.
Mark Semple


  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the feedback, that's an interesting idea! Could definitely make for some fun games. You could also add in extra points for guessing the final location, the earlier you could guess it the higher points you'd get.

    I'll bring it up with the team!


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