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Making Maps without Pro

I think if there is one thing I really don't like about Geoguessr, it's Pro. Personally, I think an advertising system where you watch an ad and then you can make a map would be better. Even just a system where ads pop up every now and then would be better.
Another idea would be to have it so that it's totally free to make a personal map (only for your account) but you need pro to make public maps.
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  • Hi Matthew

    It is an interesting idea to have the alternative to create a map as a non-pro user by for example watching an add. We've added this to our idea list for future updates!

  • Maybe we should be allowed to create a map for ourselves to play but can only share it if pro? I'd quite like to play with a map of my area but can't play the map I have made without going pro
  • Thanks for the idea, on the other hand then the incitament to become a pro member decreases, so it's a trade off for us..

  • I was really disappointed when I found out you have to pay to create custom maps. That's how I play the game 95% of the time. But I play the game too sporadically make it worth while to buy a monthly or yearly subscription. I think it would be better if you could watch an ad or at least be able to pay for a set amount of custom maps, like pay $5 for 20 costume maps that don't expire after a certain period. So if I feel in the mood I could play and then if I don't feel like playing for a few months I don't need to worry about not being able to play again without resigning up.

  • It would be even better if there were not the function to create a map, without pro. Because I created now a map and cant do anything with it. I thought I could at least pubish the map, because I had so many ideas for a map.

    Screenshot of the button​​​
  • Hi I was just wondering how much dedicated RAM is on these servers, thanks.
    Stinky Pinky

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