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Making Maps without Pro

I think if there is one thing I really don't like about Geoguessr, it's Pro. Personally, I think an advertising system where you watch an ad and then you can make a map would be better. Even just a system where ads pop up every now and then would be better.
Another idea would be to have it so that it's totally free to make a personal map (only for your account) but you need pro to make public maps.
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  • Hi Matthew

    It is an interesting idea to have the alternative to create a map as a non-pro user by for example watching an add. We've added this to our idea list for future updates!

  • Maybe we should be allowed to create a map for ourselves to play but can only share it if pro? I'd quite like to play with a map of my area but can't play the map I have made without going pro
  • Thanks for the idea, on the other hand then the incitament to become a pro member decreases, so it's a trade off for us..

  • I was really disappointed when I found out you have to pay to create custom maps. That's how I play the game 95% of the time. But I play the game too sporadically make it worth while to buy a monthly or yearly subscription. I think it would be better if you could watch an ad or at least be able to pay for a set amount of custom maps, like pay $5 for 20 costume maps that don't expire after a certain period. So if I feel in the mood I could play and then if I don't feel like playing for a few months I don't need to worry about not being able to play again without resigning up.

  • It would be even better if there were not the function to create a map, without pro. Because I created now a map and cant do anything with it. I thought I could at least pubish the map, because I had so many ideas for a map.

    Screenshot of the button​​​
  • Hi I was just wondering how much dedicated RAM is on these servers, thanks.
    Stinky Pinky
  • I tech technology in an elementary school. Do you have an education version where students can make maps but not at the high cost per student?

    Tech Teacher
  • Hi Tech Teacher,

    Sorry for the late reply.. We are releasing a group pro account that could be used in schools. This way you could buy a license for a class and they could all build their own maps and don't need to see any ads. It will be released and show up here this week so stay tuned!


  • What I am looking for is an education account where students can create maps but not at the current Pro price. Is there anything currently for this?
    Tech Teacher
  • I see, there will be a cost for the group accounts but it will be cheaper than buying individual accounts for everybody.

    At the moment there's no completely free options to build maps. We've got ad based suggestions but I guess that's not optimal for schools either..

  • That is way too expensive, my teacher is not going to pay for that! Geoguesser sucks now thanks to you guys and "pro".
  • You should ask your teacher to learn you how to use Google before coming here.

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