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Make the no moving setting even better

The no moving settings allow the person who starts the game to decide if the players will be able to move or not. It's a great setting but it possibly could be even better?

Many streamers and normal players do a challenge where they're not allowed to move at all. No zooming or moving the mouse/view at all. They only got the frame they first get when "spawning" in to figure out where they are. I don't know if this would be possible to implement as a setting into the game itself, but it would be awesome.
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  • This is already in the game but not accessible in the settings yet. Pretty sure this will be added in an upcoming update.
  • Well they just put it right now. New settings were added to disable zooming, panning, moving etc.
  • Oh damn! Perfect! Thanks for letting me know, Mapper!
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  • Hi - A newbie here that bought a pro account after watching far too many GeoWizard challenges on YouTube.  Can one of you experts direct me to instructions on how to set a map I am creating to no moving or panning....?

  • Oh derrr.... just worked out to toggle the 'Default Settings' option.  I'll be going now :-D


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