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Make the BR ranking system more meaningful

Dear developers,

let me start off by saying that I really enjoy your Battle Royale gamemode. It is a great invention and complements the other, more accuracy-based, gamemodes very well. However, the current ranking system (level system) requires significant changes. I think that these would greatly benefit battle royale players of all levels.

In my optinion, the current BR levels are barely more than an arbitrary set of numbers. They say very little about the total amount of games played, the win-loss ratio, or the relative skill of a player. Because it also does not take into account those games played before the introduction of the ranking system, I have seen some Bronze division players with 2000 games. I have seen level 50 players who have played a lot, but have barely won any games, leading to many mismatches.

A possibility would be for the ranking system to be more like the Elo system used in Chess, for example. This would mean that you can gain OR LOSE rating points after every BR game based on the position you achieved and based on the level of the opponents. It would allow for a player's relative strength to be meaningfully represented in their level. "Lower level" players would not be frustrated about being knocked out by far stronger opponents who are still in the Bronze division because of the current system. "Higher level" players would be able to play against people of similar strength/knowledge, not just people who have played a lot of games without winning any.


  • Hi Denis,

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion!

    We are discussing this and will see if we can implement something similar to this in the future 😀

  • You got your wish!
    Alvin Bergvall

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